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We support you in the preparation and translation of contract documents, product descriptions, articles, final papers and term papers.

This is why man-made translations are irreplaceable

Google Translate and other translation engines can do many things. Sometimes their services are also enough to get a rough idea of the content of a text. This can be very practical and time-saving. For important texts, however, you should always consult a professional translator you trust. There is more than one important reason for this.

English-German translations and German-English translations by Train Express Languages

At Train Express Languages, we always find the right words for your translations. Whether from German to English or from English to German, the quality of our translations is always excellent. We offer our customers:

We do professional translations of presentations, business plans, meeting minutes, books, e-books, article descriptions and much more.

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German English translations

A good translation is your signboard for the whole world. Texts that are translated without errors and with appropriate language show your readers that you are trustworthy and serious. Your product is only as good as the text that accompanies it. This applies to the goods you describe and advertise as well as to texts concerning yourself. For example, your CV or important contractual documents.

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