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David Train

With over 15 years of experience, David Train is internationally recognized as a leader in effective language training.

English and German Native Speaker. 

Native speaker and certified teacher

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Teaching English is in my blood. My father, an American by birth, already had a language school. I myself grew up bilingual and lived in Germany as well as in England and the United States.

My greatest joy is motivating people and showing them the way in achieving their goals. Therefore, in addition to my training as a certified English coach as well as a TEFL examiner, which I completed in 2015, I also completed my training as a Holistic Systemic Coach in 2018.

David Train, Founder

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Why do I teach?

The focus of our English lessons is on conversation, because a large and varied vocabulary is the basic prerequisite for successful communication without misunderstandings and communication problems. Grammar, sentence structure and writing texts are also practised and expanded as a matter of course. Our aim, however, is to familiarise you first and foremost with active speaking in English so that you can communicate it freely, fluently and confidently in everyday life and at work.

Years of proven teaching experience
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Hours of personal teacher training programme
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supervised certifications in TOEFL and TOEIC

My career

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The beginning of the journey

Born as the first son of Alan Train (USA; Pennsylvania) and Eva Lochner (Germany, Bavaria) and bilingual native speaker of English and German from the beginning. In 1990, the family moved from Bavaria to Manchester and started primary school.


Umzug in die alte Heimat

Another move back to the old home and attendance at secondary school. In 1998 my father founded
his language school, which he called “House of English”.


Study Abroad

Year abroad in the US state of Pennsylvania and attendance at “Methacton High School” as a senior student.


First work experience

I successfully completed my training as an industrial clerk in 2006. Subsequently, I worked for three international companies as a sales clerk and was responsible for correspondence with foreign companies..


Foundation Train Express

Teacher Training TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language): Certified English coach and TEFL examiner.

Founder of Train Express Languages.

2017 to 2018

Training as a Holistic Systemic Coach

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