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Would you like to learn business English but don’t have time to attend a course? Are group courses too inconvenient or inflexible for you? Then our online Business English self-study courses are just what you need. Our individual Business English courses are tailored to your specific needs and can be completed at your convenience. You get downloadable reading and listening exercises, ready-made vocabulary lists, online vocabulary trainers and online learning games to help you learn and retain new vocabulary.

Ihr Self-Study Business-Englisch-Unterricht kann direkt nach der Buchung zu jedem beliebigen Zeitpunkt beginnen. In unserem LMS (Learning Management System) ist bereits alles vorbereitet und Sie können in der von Ihnen gewünschten Geschwindigkeit mit Ihrem Englischunterricht loslegen. Wenn Sie Fragen haben, ist unser Help Center jederzeit zugänglich. Falls Sie Ihr Studium in einem bestimmten Bereich vertiefen möchten, können Sie auch eine Extra-Sitzung mit einem unserer muttersprachlichen Lehrer vereinbaren.

You can directly apply and implement what you have learned with our LMS (Learning Management System), which makes it easier to retain the information. This allows you to better immerse yourself in the subject and improve your English language skills faster. Our LMS also contains a number of learning situations with quiz activities such as multiple choice, cloze or open questions. These provide extra motivation and faster learning as they involve a variety of sensory impressions (seeing, hearing…). We have continuously expanded and perfected our Business Online English courses since our inception in 2015 to provide our students with modern and efficient learning – without being boring! All our courses offer multi-sensory learning by presenting text on screen with visual elements such as photos and spoken dialogue. This makes learning English online easy, motivating and efficient.

So if you are looking for an easy and convenient way to learn Business English online, our self-study English course is the perfect solution for you. Below are some of the benefits of enrolling in our online self-study English course: You can learn English online whenever and wherever you want, thanks to our unique approach. Secondly, you have 24/7 access to downloadable reading and listening comprehension exercises, ready-made vocabulary lists, internet vocabulary trainers and online learning games to help you learn and retain new words. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of attendance which can be useful for your future career.


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