Methoden im Englischunterricht

My methods in teaching English

It is important to us that you do not lose the fun of learning and that you can implement what you have learned in the long term.

Teaching methodology - How we work?

The focus of our English lessons is conversation. Because speaking English fluently is high on my students’ wish list. A large and varied English vocabulary as well as a confident way of expressing oneself are the basic prerequisites for successful communication without misunderstandings and communication problems.

In order to effectively expand existing English vocabulary, we deliberately choose a wide range of topics. These topics can go beyond your work and your tasks within your industry. We talk about leisure activities, books and films, holidays, cultural events and anything that interests you personally.

Internalise English grammar

Through the conversations held in a pleasant and very personal atmosphere, you will become more confident and fluent in your expression in a short time. In addition, you will correct and deepen your grammar knowledge in a natural way through repeated application. If we identify a specific problem in your grammar, this will be repeated in intensive practical application until you have internalised the rules.

This is a teaching methodology that, in our experience, is usually neglected in traditional classes, alongside silent individual work on tasks around grammar, expression and listening comprehension.

Building English vocabulary

In addition, a comprehensive vocabulary contributes significantly to more confidence in your language skills. You will feel much more comfortable if you have a large repertoire of vocabulary that allows you to develop freely and flexibly in the English language.

With our targeted vocabulary training, we also ensure that newly learned vocabulary is permanently anchored in your memory through various application tasks. Vocabulary can only be remembered in the long term if it is applied in a meaningful way and experienced in its contextual use.

We have developed special software for this purpose, with the help of which you can expand your vocabulary effectively and enormously within a short time.

It is important for us that you do not lose the fun of learning and that you can apply what you have learned in the long term. My methods of teaching English are simple and straightforward. Try it out with a free trial lesson. I look forward to hearing from you.