Englischunterricht für Firmen

English lessons for companies

Webinars, learning apps and online seminars have long since found their way into everyday business life. But when are English lessons the best solution for companies? We will be happy to advise you.


Flexible booking

Learn English when it suits you! Online or in-house? Morning or evening? You decide when and how you want to book your English courses.

Adapted to the language level

Students are classified according to their language level and divided into groups accordingly. This way, all participants can benefit from the lessons to the maximum.

Internal company courses

English seminars are the ideal opportunity to promote communication between your employees. The English lessons come directly to you.

Online teaching material

Your team has access to our online portal, where the complete teaching material is available digitally in advance. This allows each student to prepare for the lesson individually in advance.

Tailor-made lessons

Precisely tailored to you: The knowledge imparted is specifically geared to what is needed in your industry. In this way, your employees learn and practise how to master typical situations in everyday work in English.

Individual teaching material

The material for the lessons is also individually adapted both to the needs of your company and to the previous knowledge of the students..


"Bank11 has been working with Train Express Languages for years, offering their employees small group English classes with a focus on business communication at different levels. All our participating employees are very satisfied with the lessons (whether face-to-face or online). They particularly praise the good methodology and the efficient, practice-oriented teaching content. We are happy to have found a long-term, reliable partner in Train Express Languages and look forward to many more years of cooperation.

Stefanie Offermanns Head of Human Resources

Your team's excellent English skills will help your business succeed!

In the course of advancing globalisation, companies today are often dependent on their employees being able to appear, negotiate and present themselves confidently on an international level. Good English skills are simply indispensable. 

English is the universal language for international business. Are you and your employees ready for this challenge? 

English lessons for companies at Train Express Languages

Good communication is the key to successful business deals. Today, the majority of business discussions and negotiations are conducted in English. To ensure that your employees can always keep up here, you should not rely on dusty school English skills. Languages are alive and evolve quickly. That’s why an English seminar for companies makes sense even if your team actually already has a good knowledge of the language. Make sure that no misunderstandings arise and opt for English lessons for companies from Train Express Language.

No matter at which level you start: David Train will guide your employees step by step with customised courses.

Export the added value of your company to the whole world!

Certified language skills for Business English

Would you like to certify your language skills in Business English or would like a
certification of your employees?

David Train takes the official TOEIC® test, which is recognised worldwide, and issues your certification.


Would you like an individual offer?

We will be happy to advise you in a free online appointment.




Only those who present projects convincingly will land a contract. Specific English skills are a basic requirement for such important tasks.


Negotiations are a constant part of everyday working life. Be it with business partners, colleagues or customers: Your team should always find the right words so that profitable deals are concluded.


Work also involves interpersonal relationships. The right word at the right moment can make the difference between success and failure in difficult negotiations. Don't leave it to chance.


Deepen your employees' English skills and vocabulary. This way they learn to appear confident and sovereign in meetings or telephone conferences. In-house English courses offer a perfect environment, as learning takes place in a small group and real-life situations can be practised.


Knowing and actively using the right vocabulary for your own field is crucial in international collaborations. With specific courses, your employees are trained to communicate efficiently worldwide.


Even in the age of e-mail, telephone calls remain essential. The appearance of your employees on the phone immediately gives callers a first impression of your company. Don't miss the opportunity and train your team to make phone calls in English.


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