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Webinars, learning apps and online seminars have long since found their way into everyday business life. But when are English lessons the best solution for companies? We will be happy to advise you.

Who am I?

Train Express Languages

Founded 5 years ago as a small language centre, we have successfully trained more than 200 people to date.

David Train
Germany, 36


"Bank11 has been working with Train Express Languages for years, offering their employees small group English classes with a focus on business communication at different levels. All our participating employees are very satisfied with the lessons (whether face-to-face or online). They particularly praise the good methodology and the efficient, practice-oriented teaching content. We are happy to have found a long-term, reliable partner in Train Express Languages and look forward to many more years of cooperation."

Stefanie Offermanns Division Manager Human Resources

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Each of our teachers is a native English speaker and is also multi-certified.

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Train Express Languages is an online learning and teaching school with many different course offerings.

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Online learning is booming as more and more universities and companies recognise the benefits it brings to students.

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English lessons for companies

You want your employees to be more adept at expressing themselves in English? Would you like to achieve more efficient communication with existing business partners in general?

Business English

Would you like your employees to be able to express themselves better in English? Would you like to achieve more efficient communication with existing business partners in general?

Hybrid lessons

Our hybrid courses, specially designed for business customers, are a highly efficient mix of online and face-to-face teaching, for even faster and better learning results.

English online learning

We offer three types of online learning: Live online classes with trained native speakers, self-paced online classes and blended learning courses.

In-house training

Group conversation courses with trained native English speakers. English conversation courses and business.

Group lessons

English lessons for companies small groups up to 6 people

Your companion for better communication

Learn English and acquire skills in Business English

Would you like to train yourself or your employees in Business English? As a qualified language trainer, I offer English courses in all areas. Thanks to my many years of experience, my focus is on sound business English. We work professionally so that I can adapt to you and support you in the way you need.

English course in companies

“Do you speak English?” A question that many would honestly have to answer with “Very little”. English has become indispensable in a business world that is becoming increasingly international. It is therefore all the more important that your employees can really speak English.

  • Have you ever had the experience that employees in international video or telephone conferences could hardly get a word out?
  • Have you ever had the impression that your employees do not come across as competent in international contacts as they do in a German-speaking context?
  • Have you or your employees attended one or more language courses only to lose heart in practice?

What is the best way to learn English?

Granted – there are a lot of online English courses out there to help you learn English. But what do you need to really learn a language? A language course? Endless vocabulary lists that you have to learn by heart? Perhaps an extensive compendium of English grammar.

Sure, these are all aspects to consider on your journey from beginner to English speaker. But what you really need is a type of course that will get you speaking. You need language practice and you need it in a safe environment. You need a perfect combination of theory and practice. Only then will you really learn English.

English skills for a successful professional life

English is the world language of all. You need it for all kinds of communication, be it on the phone, in a video conference or in writing for contracts, agreements and even for seemingly banal things like e-mail communication. Now, you could use translations for the written sphere, for example. In the long run, however, you will not get around English language skills – you should learn English. Because no one wants to sit in a real conversation with a dictionary and constantly have to look something up.

One English course for all or tailor-made solutions?

Most corporate language courses have the problem of trying to fit all learners under one proverbial hat. In doing so, the different language levels collide and ultimately such a programme can only lead to some being bored while others are overwhelmed.

In my English course for companies, I take a different approach:

1. Needs assessment: this takes place in 3 stages – first I hold individual discussions to find out where the individual participant stands. What are the problems, what are the wishes and in which areas is English needed? The second part is a placement test, which shows me where you and your employees are at. The third part is a questionnaire that everyone fills out before the course starts. In it I ask about other important aspects for my teaching.

2. Division: Then all course participants are divided into groups of up to 6 people. Because only if everyone really has the opportunity to speak English in the course will they actually learn English.

3. Important topics: Already in the preliminary discussions and through the questionnaires, I identify relevant topics that should be covered in class. This involves typical situations that we should take into account in the language lessons and also experiences that you have had in practice.

4. Aim: My aim is that you and your employees really learn English through my lessons – that you overcome your language inhibitions and then also dare to use your language skills in practice.

5. Material: All materials for the lessons are tailor-made. After all, it’s all about making you fit for your industry. While many English courses provide their participants with a list of important words, as a certified trainer I take a different approach. You receive the materials online in advance so that each participant can prepare for the English course individually. Some participants learn best from the trainer himself. Others like to prepare themselves for the language course. You will also have the tailor-made materials at your disposal later, so that you can refer to them at any time if you have questions.

6.Exercise: Even Goethe knew that all theory is grey. In my English course, you and your employees get to speak directly. I encourage conversations in English and like to use role plays in which the participants can directly put into practice the skills they have just acquired in the language course. Situations that you experience every day in your business life come into play here. This practice reduces language inhibitions already in the language course and you will feel more and more confident in the following situations because you have already practised them. It will come naturally to you to exchange in English.

Why should you learn English?

English is the language of business. No wonder, after all, more than 340 million people worldwide speak English as their mother tongue. A total of 1.75 billion people are English speakers, and the number is growing all the time. English is the world language of all and this is reflected in literature, the Internet and also in all professional exchanges.

English language skills are therefore no longer “nice to have”, but rather a must-have.

People judge other people’s professional quality – consciously or unconsciously – by how they express themselves. This applies not only to the mother tongue, but also to foreign languages. So even if you can express yourself perfectly in German, your power of persuasion diminishes if your English does not reflect your professional knowledge.

While you may still be able to “save yourself” in your free time by conveying your translations with your hands and feet, in a business context you want to appear serious and competent. With clumsy English skills, you will hardly succeed.

The problem that most people have is that you had to learn English as a foreign language at school. This was often done through literature and you then discussed these books in your school English lessons. Vocabulary tests, grammar tests and essays were added and that’s how most people’s language skills are still made up today. In English, however, you want to discuss quite different topics in a professional context than Shakespeare and Co. It’s about explaining products and services, agreeing on terms and negotiating contracts.

If you and your employees start stammering and stammering in a conversation, can’t get a clear sentence out and just somehow manage to get through the conversation, important information can be missed out and you can’t communicate your knowledge and competence well.

How do my English courses run?

With my English courses, you will benefit from tailor-made training that will literally make you and your company ready to conquer the whole world. In fact, I can flexibly adapt to you.

The start

The course starts when you can schedule your training. Learning English works best when you can approach it without pressure. So plan some time in advance of your next event so that you can still practise after the course.

The level

As far as the level is concerned, I choose the right one according to the participants. After a thorough assessment of the participants’ knowledge, I adapt my materials and the course of the lessons to exactly where you and your staff are at.

The contents

We work on exactly the topics and questions you have in your everyday business life and at the language level you are at. Role-plays will also include situations that you experience on a daily basis. If you have any questions in advance, please do not hesitate to ask me in advance. The better I can respond to you and your individual challenges and also give you one or two tips that will help you when you need it.

The need

You may be under the impression that your employees already know English quite well and do not need to learn any more of this fascinating language. The fact is: language is alive and think about how you expressed yourself as a child, as a teenager, as a young adult or how your fellow adults at the time conversed. Would you agree with me when I say that a lot has changed? New terms have come along that you may not even have heard and dealt with in German class.

It is exactly the same in English. In business, where new conditions prevail every year, every month, maybe even every day, language changes. Manners change and wouldn’t it be nice if you could get such info first hand?

I am David Train and I am constantly moving on international ground. In my course, I teach you exactly the language skills you need for your job, adapted to the current times.

The application

Ultimately, my English courses are about getting you started. You learn skills in my course that you then need to apply in practice. You will gain the necessary confidence, practice and language practice in the course, but you will only work on the implementation, the routine, afterwards.

How can you get started?

This all sounds wonderful and you are already dreaming about how you can conquer the whole world with your company and your employees. But first you want to know when and where your course can start. I have good news for you: Your search for flexibility is over – you have found Train Express Languages – your English course from practice for practice.

I would be happy to come to your company and offer you the opportunity to take your English course there. Or would you prefer to learn online? In the morning or in the evening – I will be happy to accommodate you.

It’s best to contact me today so that we can discuss the possibilities.

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