Englischkurse für Firmen Kleingruppen

English courses for companies small groups

English lessons for companies small groups up to 6 people

In-house English Seminars for Companies in Düsseldorf, Ratingen and online

English courses for companies Small groups of up to 6 people. The shared experience outside of the daily work routine enables your employees to socialise with each other. In our English courses, communication between the participants is particularly encouraged. This strengthens the bond in your team, solves communication problems and prepares employees for the real-life situations they will face later on. Joint English lessons help characters from different departments synchronise their business lenses with each other. A good working atmosphere based on understanding thus becomes a positive side effect of the English course.

This is how the English lessons for companies in small groups work

Divisions into small groups

Our experts take an intensive look at the needs of your company. In advance, the English skills of the course participants are assessed by our expert staff. Accordingly, small groups of four to six participants are formed who share a similar language level. Thanks to this careful preparation, subsequent communication between the students is facilitated and the course participants can follow the proceedings well and benefit from the progress of their fellow students.

Individual teaching programme

Tailor-made teaching material is made available digitally via the Train Express Language portal. The material is adapted both to the language level of the students and to the subject area to be covered. The teaching programme specifically addresses areas of focus that are important for your company and for the respective department. In this way, each course participant can gain the knowledge necessary for everyday working life at his or her own level.

Learning by doing

Of course, grammar rules and new vocabulary are taught in class. However, the main focus of each lesson is on active language use. English is spoken and role plays are used to practise typical situations that occur in contact with customers and business partners. Language blocks and vocabulary bottlenecks are worked on and students are motivated to participate proactively. More than classroom hours, the English courses for companies offer the opportunity for dynamic conversation in which the participants can develop freely.

Relaxed atmosphere

With a good pinch of humour and a friendly atmosphere, the participants should relax during the lessons. No one is under pressure to perform, the focus is on the team. The teacher accompanies as a moderator, corrects and guides the conversations in the desired direction. Care is taken to ensure that everyone gets a chance to speak. Small talk in English, business telephone calls in English, sales talks in English and negotiations in English are specifically taught and practised.

Thematic lessons

Each lesson is dedicated to a specific, company-related topic. This can be, for example, “Motivating your team”, where everything revolves around the focus on team motivation, the corresponding vocabulary and the appropriate phrases. Role plays and concrete examples are used to practise the relevant situations and encourage the students to actively participate.

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The advantages of English courses for companies in small groups at Train Express Languages



4 flexibly bookable teaching units of either 60 or 90 minutes per teaching unit


30 flexibly bookable teaching units Optional 60 or 90 minutes per teaching unit


45 flexibly bookable teaching units Optional 60 or 90 minutes per teaching unit


60 flexibly bookable teaching units Optional 60 or 90 minutes per teaching unit


80 flexibly bookable teaching units Optional 60 or 90 minutes per teaching unit


100 flexibly bookable teaching units Optional 60 or 90 minutes per teaching unit

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