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Want to learn English online but don’t have time to attend a regular course? Train Express Languages offers you the perfect solution – our blended learning language courses! Our online courses are complemented by live conversation sessions with a trainer, so you can learn English at your own pace and apply what you learn in class. Our e-learning element improves your vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening comprehension through interactive exercises, while the live online training improves your language skills through conversation and consolidation with a native speaker trainer.

Your advantages with the blended learning English course:

Our English courses offer you maximum flexibility as you can decide when, where and how often you want to practise English online.

Every person is unique. We have understood this from the beginning, which is why all our English programmes are designed to meet the specific needs of our students.

We use the latest technology to continuously improve our English teaching.

Train Express Languages was founded in 2015 by David Train as a project for teaching English effectively with native speakers. We have spent this time developing proven learning methods so that they can be used effectively in English classes.

Learning a new language also means thinking outside the box. Therefore, we strive to include the cultural context and local customs in our language lessons.

Blended Learning English courses offer the perfect mix of online self-study and live conversation classes. They make learning English particularly varied! Whether it’s grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or listening comprehension, you will improve your English step by step with our interactive and interesting learning content.

Train Express Languages offers a unique and flexible solution for those who want to learn English online but don’t have much time. Our blended learning language courses offer the perfect mix of online self-study and live conversation classes to help you improve your grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening skills. We also incorporate cultural context into our lessons so students can think outside the box when it comes to how they speak or use certain words in their English conversations with others.

We offer online English courses that are suitable for anyone who wants to improve their language skills quickly and easily. Live audio and video conversations with native English speakers help you improve your English language skills faster. In addition, our learning management system helps you apply the information so that you can remember it more easily. Not only will this make it easier for you to understand what you learn in class, but your hard work will pay off faster!

Varied learning situations, such as multiple-choice, cloze and open-ended questions, provide a new stimulus that increases motivation and learning speed by appealing to different sensory impressions (seeing, hearing…). Our multimodal learning environment makes the English language learnable with all senses, as the text is presented on the screen together with visual elements such as graphics and spoken dialogue. If you are looking for an interactive and engaging English learning experience, our online English courses are for you.

Contact us today if you are interested in any of our programmes or would like more information about how we can help you learn English online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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