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Founded 5 years ago as a small language centre, we have successfully trained more than 200 people to date.

David Train
Germany, 37

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English teachers

Each of our teachers is a native English speaker and is also multi-certified.

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Train Express Languages is an online learning and teaching school with many different course offerings

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Online learning is booming as more and more universities and companies recognise the benefits it brings to students.

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English lessons for companies

You want your employees to be more adept at expressing themselves in English? Would you like to achieve more efficient communication with existing business partners in general?

Exam preparation

Exam preparation for CAE, TOEFL, TELC and TOIEC English exams.
Your qualified help with preparation – online or locally.

TOEFL® and TOIEC® Tests

TOEFL® and TOIEC® tests with us.
We are an accredited test centre for all TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests.

Business Englisch

Learn Business English – with Train Express.
Fast, efficient and sustainable! Special offers for individual requirements and subject areas.


Group lessons

Group conversation courses with trained native English speakers.
English conversation courses and business.

Learn English online

Want to learn English easily and flexibly without leaving home? Train Express Languages can help you! We offer three types of online learning: Live online classes with trained native speakers, self-paced online classes and blended learning courses.

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Learn English and acquire skills in Business English

Would you like to train yourself or your employees in Business English? As a qualified language trainer, I offer English courses in all areas. Thanks to my many years of experience, my focus is on sound business English. We work professionally so that I can adapt to you and support you in the way you need.

What is the best way to learn English?

Granted – there are a lot of online English courses out there to help you learn English. But what do you need to really learn a language? A language course? Endless vocabulary lists that you have to learn by heart? Perhaps an extensive compendium of English grammar.

Sure, these are all aspects to consider on your journey from beginner to English speaker. But what you really need is a type of course that will get you speaking. You need language practice and you need it in a safe environment. You need a perfect combination of theory and practice. Only then will you really learn English.

language courses for everyone!

Our English lessons consist of 60% conversation and active speaking, because a large and varied vocabulary is the basic prerequisite for successful communication without misunderstandings and communication problems. The topics we talk about are chosen by you according to your personal interests. Whether it’s leisure activities, books and films, holidays or cultural topics: you will see that your vocabulary will expand continuously and, above all, sustainably.

English skills for a successful professional life

English is the world language of all. You need it for all kinds of communication, be it on the phone, in a video conference or in writing for contracts, agreements and even for seemingly banal things like e-mail communication. Now, you could use translations for the written sphere, for example. In the long run, however, you will not get around English language skills – you should learn English. Because no one wants to sit in a real conversation with a dictionary and constantly have to look something up.


Our online learning platform

Speak English fluently
Vocabulary training
English grammar

In our English courses, we focus not only on grammar and vocabulary, but also on fluent conversation through intensive speaking. Fluency in English has become a must, not only in international companies. Due to globalisation and the emergence of lively multicultural societies, English is also increasingly becoming the lifeline in everyday communication and in almost all professions.

Whether business English or small talk: without the right vocabulary, everyone quickly reaches their limits. With my special vocabulary trainer, learning English is not only much easier, it is also a real incentive. Because what is learned only sticks in the mind if the meaning of a word is learned and applied in its contextual use.

Grammar is the basic structure of any language, without which it cannot function. If you understand the structure and logic of a language, you will remember its laws and exceptions much more quickly and easily. In my English lessons, I show you how to keep the fun and motivation even when cramming grammar.

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English is the language of business. No wonder, after all, over 340 million people worldwide speak English as their mother tongue. A total of 1.75 billion people are English speakers, and the number is growing all the time. English is the world language of all and this is reflected in literature, the internet and also in all professional exchanges.

English language skills are therefore no longer “nice to have”, but rather a must-have.

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